Custom Fields

Personalize Your Mass Text Messages with Custom Fields

With custom fields feature from Sakari you can add unlimited custom name/value pair fields to each contact.  These fields can be used to sort your contact, filter your message campaigns, or included in your mass text messaging to your contacts.  A custom field can be added to any message by typing {{{Field Name}}} or using the dropdown menu when typing your message.
Once you send your message, our system will automatically insert the data in to each contacts message, personalizing each message with just a single message template.  It’s that easy! 

Core Data Fields

Custom fields are part of our Contact Management data. Adding custom data fields help you organize your information, personalize each message and gather data about your contacts. There are five core data fields that are included by default in your Sakari account:

  • Mobile Number
  • Country Code
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Custom Data Fields

Custom data fields can be added individually to each contact record on the “Attributes” sheet, or in bulk using our Contact Import feature. Any data value pair can added, and it’s unlimited!